GCC Color-Calibration


One of the most common questions facing users of high-quality colour printers is: "How do I get my printer to print the colors I want? It can be frustrating when after investing a nice sum of money, one isn't able to get the printer to print the quality colors one yould expect.

Printers have their own color space that varies by make, model, and even individual unit. Further, color will vary depending on the ink/toner and paper that you use for your prints. The major printer companies have made major strides in creating products which will produce accurate, "calibrated" color prints when used with their own embedded color rendering tabel in the printers software or firmware. These canned ICC printer profiles make adjustments to the digital image coming into the printer from your computer monitor to provide you with an accurate result, providing YOU HAVE A CALIBRATED MONITOR. However, if you are using special papers or wish to simulate process colors from specialized presses, you will need to create custom printer ICC profiles. This is where GCC CALIBRATION SERVICE kicks in.